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One advantage of using this method is that you won’t have to wonder if that sexy, eye-catching photo of your date is from 20 years ago; the camera will show you what he or she looks like (and sounds like, too).

And webcam chats are a great way to screen potential dates in vacation locales or prior to moving to a new area.

Of course, it’s always smart to have a few phone conversations with potential dates before you agree to meet them in person.

Even better, why not chat via webcam before you meet face-to-face?

Drew appeared to be helping Cameron shop for some new furniture pieces at a few different boutiques.

To make matters worse, often the photos or videos were taken years earlier, long forgotten and long before a current marriage, relationship or employment.

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co-stars were spotted taking a stroll on Saturday (July 15) on Melrose Place in West Hollywood, Calif.

Stripping isn’t easy – you try sliding up and down that pole for hours on end and see how sore you are at the end of the day.

In her former life as a stripper, she worked for the famous Washington DC Stadium Club.

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